Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Upcoming posts!

First of all thanks Melcockles for commenting and having great questions to ask!

My next post is going to be on plundering for faith!

If anyone has anything they want to add to the blog or have any further questions just comment below!


  1. Great site. Thanks for all your help so far. My question is: how do you find other peoples coordinates? Aliies of mine and myself are being farmed but other allies cant attack those farming players without knowing where they are. This game seems to have buttons that blend in so well and I can't find any instruction on this game except for here. Thanks again

    1. The game doesn't really provide an integrated way to see where you're getting farmed from but there is a way. After you get attacked check your battle report and tap on the revenge button. From there you'll be prompted to select how many troops you want to use. You can use however many you want, but if you just want to see the coordinates just send 1 swordsman. Your march queue will show where you are attacking to. That way you only lose one swordsman.

  2. How do i find out co-ordinates of a specific player whom i want to plunder


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