Misty Cave Part 2: The Math

Here's the math on the Mystic Cave so you wont lose any troops!

(Number of Units) x (Units Power) x 2 = Total Power of your forces

So basically you need to find out how many units you're fighting against, then find out how much power the unit is in question and multiply them together. Then double that and you have the amount of power of the forces you need to have zero losses.

If there are multiple types together like let's say Axemen and Lancer's (Cavalry with spears) then you're going to want to add in Lancer's power to the formula. For example:

(((Number of Axemen) x (Axemens Power)) + ((Number of Lancers) x (Units Lancers))) x 2 = Total Power of your forces

Since these are mixed the problem here now is that if you were to attack with axemen you would lose troops. The trick is to use swordsmen because they're strong against axemen and also strong against cavalry.
And of course if both troop types are infantry then you should use archers. If they're both cavalry use infantry that is strong against one troop and the same as the other. So Axemen against Lancers and Axeriders. Spearmen against Cavalry and Lancers, etc.

During the early game you may want to use this formula instead.

(Number of Units) x (Units Power) x 2.5 = Total Power of your forces

and for mixed

(((Number of Axemen) x (Axemens Power)) + ((Number of Lancers) x (Units Lancers))) x 2.5 = Total Power of your forces

The only change is that the 2 is now 2.5. The former formula tends to still lose some troops in early game.


  1. I would mention:
    I went in on lvl 5 cave, I think it was lancers and axemen, but not totally sure.. Some horseback + infantry. Total power was 61k of the enemy troops. I sent 2900 archers, at 272k power, with a 3 star lvl 4 god, won the battle, but lost 240 archers..

    Apparently the "I'm weak against this type" is extremely exaggerated.

    I tried again and threw in 1000 swordsmen, and about 500 spears and axes, and lost almost 230 archers.

    Any idea on how to reduce losses?

    1. Try to use only one troop type if you can. Mixing your attacking troops involves tons of math and you usually end up losing troops. In the second case you mentioned above you lose archers because they attacked for the first round and got retaliated on. Try watching the replay to see what I mean.

      Using entirely infantry on a horseback + infantry cave would give the best results.

  2. Thanks for the info

    How do you find out the power level of the troops in the cave?

    1. Number of Troops in cave * Power Level of Troops.

      so say its 50 swordsman. 50 * 20 is 1000

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  4. yeah well your formula appears to be wrong. or at least not applicable to the hot gates path.

  5. hot gates is totally different i find. you need to have a victory with the lowest amount of power possible. you have 30k vs his 67k power that kind of thing

  6. Can someone explain critical chance and critical hits etc.


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