Friday, December 28, 2012

Update Version 1.0.2(5640)

Spartan wars was just updated today.

Major change is that there is going to be a 3rd city soon so the interface was slightly changed when accessing the city button. You can now scroll to the right to scroll through your cities. This means that if you are on your second city you will need to scroll to the RIGHT in order to access your main city. I thought this probably wasn't the best option but I guess they're going for uniformity on this.

Also on the city button are the teleport options.
Tactical teleport allows you to choose where you will teleport to.
Tactical retreat allows you to teleport anywhere randomly.

It seems that players with alternate accounts are now able to move all their bases in the same place and dominate a certain area. I'm hoping this doesn't disrupt the balance of the game. I can see how it's going to affect new players and those who don't have alternate accounts. If you're thinking of making an alt account soon would be very helpful to you.

Another thing to note - When you're on the 'Slaves' Menu for any resource building you can now see the raw amount of resources you will be earning from the amount of slaves in the building. This number doesn't reflect any bonuses that you have. If you want to see the total amount of resources you will have to tap on the actual resource bar. Yeah it doesn't look tappable. It is. I didn't know either.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

How many archers will it take to kill one swordsman?

I saw this question come up in world chat the other day. I happened to post on the formula for the mystic cave but the math will also work for plundering. BUT REMEMBER that the formula doesn't factor research bonus's, crit rate and any other factors. The formula's for that would be much more intricate and very hard to accurately calculate. BUT here's the answer to "how many archers will it take to kill one swordsman?"

Let's start with the basic formula

(Number of Units) x (Units Power) x 2 = Total Power of your forces

(Swordsman) x (Swordsman Power) x 2 = Power of Archers Needed

SO lets plug in
Swordsman = 1
Swordsman Power = 20

(1) x (20) x 2 = Power of Archers Needed
                 40 = Power of Archers Needed

Archers have 94 Power so you only need 1 Archer to kill 1 Swordsman.
The thing is that it doesn't always seem to work. I don't know the math behind it but if anyone has insight on how it works PLEASE shoot me an e-mail or message me at

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Misty Cave Part 2: The Math

Here's the math on the Mystic Cave so you wont lose any troops!

(Number of Units) x (Units Power) x 2 = Total Power of your forces

So basically you need to find out how many units you're fighting against, then find out how much power the unit is in question and multiply them together. Then double that and you have the amount of power of the forces you need to have zero losses.

If there are multiple types together like let's say Axemen and Lancer's (Cavalry with spears) then you're going to want to add in Lancer's power to the formula. For example:

(((Number of Axemen) x (Axemens Power)) + ((Number of Lancers) x (Units Lancers))) x 2 = Total Power of your forces

Since these are mixed the problem here now is that if you were to attack with axemen you would lose troops. The trick is to use swordsmen because they're strong against axemen and also strong against cavalry.
And of course if both troop types are infantry then you should use archers. If they're both cavalry use infantry that is strong against one troop and the same as the other. So Axemen against Lancers and Axeriders. Spearmen against Cavalry and Lancers, etc.

During the early game you may want to use this formula instead.

(Number of Units) x (Units Power) x 2.5 = Total Power of your forces

and for mixed

(((Number of Axemen) x (Axemens Power)) + ((Number of Lancers) x (Units Lancers))) x 2.5 = Total Power of your forces

The only change is that the 2 is now 2.5. The former formula tends to still lose some troops in early game.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

What to Do When Getting Bullied

Being bullied is a hard thing to cope with in this game. The bully can constantly attack you and take your resources. I know. I've been bullied too. The trick is to make your city cost more resources to attack than he can take from you. And possibly end up with a bigger army so you can start bullying him back.

First of all, an alliance would really help here if they're good. Try to join one ASAP because simply being in the alliance can cause would be attackers to avoid you at all costs. You NEED to be in an alliance. If you want to make one then you need to promote it on World Chat day in and day out until it's large enough. Otherwise just join one.

Now that you're in a good alliance you should start concentrating on protecting your precious resources. 

Put your forces on hide so they don't defend your city when you get attacked. It's pointless to build an army up just to have it destroyed over and over. You'll want to spend any extra money on your army while you build your buildings.

Now you'll want to upgrade your storage buildings as high as you can so when you get attacked you won't lose most of your resources. Remember that Gold is always up for grabs. You can't protect gold, so use it as often as possible. That means using all of it on researching and buildings and using ALL of the remainder to build troops.

You need to really be using ALL the resources you have. You don't want the bully to get any off of you, it's better to be using it on defense and offense than letting him have a single piece of wood.

Your power should be getting higher slightly. Remember to take note of the battle reports. You want to know what he's attacking with and how many.

If he's attacking with mainly Infantry units then you'll want to build archers. If he has Archers try to get cavalry and so on.

Eventually when you're strong enough you will be able to un-hide your forces and really surprise the guy. You'll make him lose WAY more resources than he could have gotten by attacking and he'll back off. After than follow the post I made on growing your city faster and keep building as many forces as you can afford. Eventually you'll be able to start plundering the bully that was getting you!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to Grow Your City Faster

If you want to really grow your city you need to be able to stay on top of keeping your building queue loaded as much as possible. Any time you don't have something building is time you lost in either having an upgrade or making money. It's hard to have all buildings upgraded to the highest level at all times so you should be prioritizing the more important buildings first.

In order of importance from first to last.

Cottages house slaves and every level increases the amount of slaves you have. I prioritize upgrading cottages because it's better to have slaves hanging around the resource producers than not having them at all. I'd rather have 15 extra slaves working in my stone quarry and move them to food when I can.

Resource buildings should be prioritized second. Now that you have slaves waiting and producing other resources you can focus on the resources you actually need.

Once you've got all the buildings you prioritized to the highest level the can be you should upgrade the town hall. Usually I leave Resource buildings one level below town hall because I don't really need them. I try to only upgrade them when I really need them. But if not timed correctly you may miss out on resources.

Town Hall is obviously very important, but it's basic purpose is to increase the level cap on your buildings. Otherwise it doesn't serve any other purpose. So for this reason I like to avoid having to upgrade it until I really need to.

You're also gonna need the barracks and research buildings.

Acadamy and Arms Center These buildings provide very important research for your cities. Once you have researched a technology it affects BOTH cities and thus doubles the bonus if you have a second.

Barracks I know the barracks don't directly contribute to your resource gathering but it is REALLY important that you upgrade this. Plundering is a BIG part of this game and it's important to be attacking other players for resources as well as generating your own.

You should be trying to maximize the amount of troops you can make before you hit level 15. You really don't want to have a low power level when you're that level or your enemies will start targeting you for bloodbaths. If you have a high enough power level they'll probably refrain from that.

Attack other players.

A lot of players seem to really be focused on building their city rather than getting out and attacking other players. What they don't realize is that it is possible to farm many inactive players without losing any soldiers. Some of these inactive players are still generating lots of resources that are just accumulating. Sending enough units to win a battle without losing any troops may mean you walk home with hundreds of thousands of resources.

The problem is you won't know who is really inactive or not unless you attack them or message them. I know many of us aren't down to start a war but if you do attack an active player I'm sure you'll get a message asking you to stop. Although it may be a mean one. You can simply apologize and say that you thought he was inactive and that you'll stop. In one case I even sent back the resources that I earned so we really had no hard feelings.

Don't be afraid to get out of your shell and attack other players in other regions too! You can even go so far as to monitor their progress if you're really feeling paranoid. I like to look to see if their alliance is really powerful. If it is then I tend to stay away, If not I'll go right in.

Keep on attacking and you may hit a jack pot from time to time. This really gives a boost to your economy for the most part. It just takes time to tap all of the commands. It's a good way to occupy time while waiting for something or during class if you don't feel like paying attention.

Second City

One thing that pops up in world chat very often is "how do I get a second city?"

Well really the only way to get a second city is by buying the deed to a second city, which costs 250 pearls, or by getting lucky in the chance chests. There's no other way to do it. But that's why you should save your pearls! I know it's tempting to use them on resources but DON'T! SAVE IT FOR THE SECOND CITY! Trust me, doubling your income PERMANENTLY is WAY better than having a short bump of income.


You may be thinking that being in an alliance is pointless, and you don't want to join one because you think you can do it solo. Well maybe you can if you really devote a lot of time into the game but joining an alliance has its fair share of upsides.

First of all - the Statue of Zeus. If you join a pretty good alliance the other members will be contributing faith to your alliance's Zeus. This means that the maximum level of your god will be higher than 4. This means you'll be able to get even better buffs than other who have lower level gods. Just remember to also use your faith on the Statue of Zeus also. Saving all your faith for yourself may make your alliance think you're useless and they'll want to kick you out for someone who will actually contribute.

Secondly - the alliance may provide some protection. Sometimes they wont but many of the players really like to help out their allies. If you're being bullied it would be wise to join an alliance.

Third - Resources. Your alliance mates may have extra resources at any given time and they may be willing to trade. Sometimes they may even give it to you if you just ask. But remember that if all you do is take and take other members may be less inclined to protect you.

Asking things in Alliance chat may be a good way for you to learn the game! So join an alliance today!

Misty Cave Part 1: The Details

The Mystic Cave is a neutral dungeon that you're allowed to attack and earn resources from a limited amount of times each day depending on your level.

In order to effectively farm the Mystic Cave you should be trying to tackle the highest level of the cave while losing none of your troops. The enemies in the cave change daily so it's difficult to tell exactly which troops you'll need to farm with. Generally for lower levels of the cave Archers have no problem with as the enemies tend to be infantry. At level 5 it can be either Infantry or Cavalry. Generally if its all infantry you'll be able to just go in with Archers and another Infantry type and be able to walk out without a scratch.

I don't really know what the actual numbers are, but just for a gist, if there are 941 Spearman and 571 Axmen then I attack with about 5000 Archers and 4000 Axmen. Now I haven't done very much experimenting with this at all and you may be able to use MUCH less than this. But this is just what I've had time to try with and I'm getting good results. This is with level 11 upgrades on axes only.

Your goal should be to be able to farm that level 5 cave in the beginning. After that start moving forward and try to farm the higher levels. Always remember the rock paper scissors system that the units use.

Swords weak against Spears
Spears weak against Axes
Axes weak against Swords

Archers beat all Infantry but are weak against Calvary


One thing that Spartan Wars has that I really like is the integration of Gods into the game. Gods serve a couple of functions. They can boost your city's economy by being worshiped or they can lead your army into a battle and give your troops a buff. Each god has it's own abilities and they get better as you level them up. Not all gods are equal though as you will see. Poseidon for example at level 4 gives a 40% buff to food production when worshiped. Which is pretty good! But Aphrodite gives a 120% buff at level 4.

Some Gods can also buff research and build times which can often be good, but personally I like to use resource buffing Gods.

One thing to note though, Sometimes Gods that share the same name also have different abilities. Which I find a little strange but that just how the game works.

You can also sacrifice your gods to earn faith. Faith is basically experience points for gods which you distribute in order to level them up. But for some reason you can't go over level 4? Why would 4 be the cap? I have Zeus and I'm leveling him up but I still can't level up my other gods!

Well the reason for that is because you need to join an Alliance and worship Zeus in the Statue of Zeus.

Your alliance all comes together to worship Zeus and when your alliance's Zeus has enough experience you will be able to further upgrade your own gods.

Be careful about sacrificing though. I would recommend keeping the gods you get until you're able to take on the Mystic Cave level 5. You need at least 1 per city and one additional for marches on Mystic Cave at least.

Also something interesting to note is that the level of the god determines how much faith you get when you sacrifice them. Sacrificing a level one god gave me +1 Faith but sacrificing a level two god gave me +3 faith. That's not exactly worth it as it takes 15 faith to level up from 1 to 2. But at least you get more of the faith back.

If you don't have a need for the god and want to get faith it may be better to just sacrifice it at level one.

Starting your empire

As you go through the tutorial you'll notice that one of the NPC's will mention that you need a balance between managing your city and building your army. By now then your city is well on it's way to becoming an empire as long as you always have something being built. But how do you manage the balance between building an army and building your city?

Well first let's take a look at your resources and how to manage them and what purpose they serve

Gold - Used for researching technologies, buildings, training units, trading and increasing happiness.

Food - Used solely for your army. Used to train army units and increase army happiness.

Wood - Used for building structures and defenses.

Stone - Used for building structures and defenses.

Each of these resources are generated by a resource building for each resource they generate respectively. Your Goldmine generates gold, Stone Quarry generates stone and so on. Each one requires slaves in order to generate any resource and as the more slaves you have in them the more resources they generate.

Efficiently being able to build your city and train soldiers relies on how you balance your slave distribution.
I find that about a third in food, a third in gold, a sixth in stone and a sixth in wood works well for me. The reason for this is because I personally like to create more troops than upgrade my buildings.

This way you can farm more of the inactive players and haul in a nice amount of resources more quickly.

Basically in order to be powerful in this game is being able to build your army as fast as possible. Meaning you need to be able to find that golden ratio.

Remember that unused resources are resources that could be used to generate more money. At any given time if the resource generators are up to their highest level possible and you have resources to upgrade them you're wasting precious money. Try to always have a resource or cottage upgrading at least. And try to have all your slaves working at all times. You can always move them around.

Spartan Wars Guide: An Introduction

Thanks for visiting my guide to Spartan Wars for mobile phones. I plan on updating regularly and hopefully I'll have a nice little guide for anyone getting started.

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