Tuesday, December 18, 2012


One thing that Spartan Wars has that I really like is the integration of Gods into the game. Gods serve a couple of functions. They can boost your city's economy by being worshiped or they can lead your army into a battle and give your troops a buff. Each god has it's own abilities and they get better as you level them up. Not all gods are equal though as you will see. Poseidon for example at level 4 gives a 40% buff to food production when worshiped. Which is pretty good! But Aphrodite gives a 120% buff at level 4.

Some Gods can also buff research and build times which can often be good, but personally I like to use resource buffing Gods.

One thing to note though, Sometimes Gods that share the same name also have different abilities. Which I find a little strange but that just how the game works.

You can also sacrifice your gods to earn faith. Faith is basically experience points for gods which you distribute in order to level them up. But for some reason you can't go over level 4? Why would 4 be the cap? I have Zeus and I'm leveling him up but I still can't level up my other gods!

Well the reason for that is because you need to join an Alliance and worship Zeus in the Statue of Zeus.

Your alliance all comes together to worship Zeus and when your alliance's Zeus has enough experience you will be able to further upgrade your own gods.

Be careful about sacrificing though. I would recommend keeping the gods you get until you're able to take on the Mystic Cave level 5. You need at least 1 per city and one additional for marches on Mystic Cave at least.

Also something interesting to note is that the level of the god determines how much faith you get when you sacrifice them. Sacrificing a level one god gave me +1 Faith but sacrificing a level two god gave me +3 faith. That's not exactly worth it as it takes 15 faith to level up from 1 to 2. But at least you get more of the faith back.

If you don't have a need for the god and want to get faith it may be better to just sacrifice it at level one.

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