Thursday, January 31, 2013

Conquering High Level Resource Nodes

There's a technique floating around on how to get high level nodes while minimizing the cost of your losses. I haven't gotten to really test this out as much as I'd like to but it seems to work most of the time at least. What you need is a god that does a good skill that deals damage. Heaven's Lightning seems to work well as it deals damage to each enemy units. Next you need to use one of each troops type of any you can spare. This means one sword, spear, axe, archer, cav, lancer, and axerider. If you don't want to use the higher cost units then using only infantry can work but it takes more time. They shouldn't get killed though, they'll end up returning to your base.

Basically you send army which is made of one of each troop type and send your god. Your god will do damage to the enemies in the high level node and your troops get sent back because you are by far outnumbered. If you keep attacking you'll notice that the power of the resource node starts going down slowly.

What happens is that the each round has a chance for the god to appear. Sending one of each troop type allows the god more chances of appearing and dealing damage. This is because it forces the fight into more and more rounds.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hey guys! Sorry for not getting to that post on how to conquer high level resource nodes yet. I'm in the middle of refining the technique and also refining the misty cave formula thanks to Anon! I'll make a post on it as soon as I can. I recently just got a new job and today was my first day so I'm hoping I'll have time on it in the upcoming couple of days.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Earning Artifacts

You can earn artifacts from attacking other players as well as from the misty cave.

I'll make an update soon on how to conquer high level nodes while losing minimal amounts of troops!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

4 Star God

I just got a 4 star god by using pearls!

You can find 3 star gods by farming the cave. So far I think you can only get 4 star by using pearls.

You can buy the god in items under the combat tab.

Monday, January 21, 2013


I updated my "Second City" page and added an "Artifacts page"

Remember guys that when you attack Misty Cave and use the recommended power levels the strengths and weaknesses still apply. If you attack lancers and axeriders with archers you'll end up losing a bunch of archers. If you attack infantry with cavalry you'll lose a lot of cavalry. Be sure to read Misty Cave Part 2: The Math to get more info on it.


Since I started over I decided to save my pearls and not buy the second city deed in since you can just use artifacts. I just started being able to farm the level 5 cave and just got 1 artifact from it. Of course you need 100 artifacts to be able to build a second city or win the deed in the daily chance. If not from those options you need to spend 250 pearls.  It seems as though you can only get them from level 5 and up. Not sure if you can win them from players or not yet.


I just confirmed that you can indeed earn artifacts when attacking other players. You receive artifacts in a blue package when you attack enemy cities. You can also earn artifacts in the cave.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Misty Cave Part 4: Recommended Power

All power level's are rounded up to even numbers. You may still have some losses if you don't use the units strong against the particular level, not enough happiness, or forget to use a god. Try to get your upgrades to level 10 at least.

1.   2400
2.   4800
3.   20,000
4.   40,000
5.   120,000
6.   465,000
7.   1,700,000
8.   4,750,000
9.   12,000,000
10. 30,000,000

Remember that the cave changes its units every day. Be sure to take into account troops strengths and weaknesses when attacking Misty Cave. There's an explanation on it in Misty Cave Part 2: The Math

Misty Cave Day by Day Calculations: Day 3

Day 3

1.   21          axe     =   1176             total = 1176
2.   42          axe     =   2352             total = 2352
3.   250        swd    =   5000
      147        spr     =   4998             total = 9998
4.   294        spr     =   9996
      64          cav    =   9984              total = 19,970
5.   124        lnc     =   31,999
      941        spr     =   31,994           total = 63,993
6.   269        axr     =   115,670
      743        cav     =   115,908        total = 231,578
7.   7491      axe     =   419,496
      12,339   spr      =  419,526          total = 839,022
8.   7564      cav     =   1,179,984
      12,553   arc      =  1,179,982     total = 2,359,966
9.   19,230   cav     =   2,999,880
      6976      axr     =   2,999,250       total = 5,999,130
10. 133,928 axe    =   7,499,968
      220,588 spr     =   7,499,992        total = 14,999,960

swd = swordsman
spr = spearman
axe = axemen
arc = archer
cav = cavalry
lnc = lancer
axr = axerider

So here's the last day. I got archers in cave level 8 apparently so I'll be editing all the previous posts to include archers in the legend. All the power levels seem the same those so I'll post up about recommended power levels to attack the caves with next.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Misty Cave Day by Day Calculations: Day 2

Day 2

1.   21          axe     =   1176             total = 1176
2.   120        swd    =   2400             total = 2400
3.   147        spr     =   4998
      250        swd    =   5000             total = 9998
4.   500        swd    =   10000
      294        spr     =   9996              total = 19,996
5.   1600      swd   =   32,000
      124        lnc     =   31,999           total = 63,992
6.   5797      swd   =   115,940
      2070      axe     =   115,920         total = 231,860
7.   20,975   swd    =   419,500
      975        axe     =   419,250          total = 838,750
8.   4573      lnc      =   1,179,835
      34705    spr      =   1,1179,970     total = 2,359,805
9.   11,627   lnc      =   2,999,766
      6976      axr      =   2,999,250       total = 5,999,016
10. 17,441   axr     =   7,499,630
      220,588 spr     =   7,499,992        total = 14,999,622

swd = swordsman
spr = spearman
axe = axemen
arc = archers
cav = cavalry
lnc = lancer
axr = axerider

It seems that the totals end up being the same. The only change is the units in the cave, but each respective power level seems to remain in the same range. If you're looking for the recommended attack on each cave level you can just use the listed totals above and multiply that by 2. That will be the recommended power to conquer the cave level. But remember to take into account the particular cave levels units and use the unit that's strongest against the units in the cave. There's a simple tutorial about it in the "Mystic Cave Part x" in the pages section on the site.

I'll be doing one more day of calculations just to be sure. Then I'll make a page on recommended attack levels.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So I was a little to busy to do the second day by day today, but I'll have it up by tomorrow hopefully. Looking at the misty cave today it seems that the sum of each individual level is around the same numbers every day. Updates on it as soon as possible.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Misty Cave Day by Day Calculations: Day 1

I've been calculating the total power levels that have been coming out of each of the Misty Cave levels in order to see if there's a pattern. I've been noticing that it seems that no matter what each level will have approximately the same amount of power day by day. So today is the first analysis for that. All I did was use the number of units times the power level of that specific unit and if applicable I summed up the two units in the cave. Here's the formula

(number of unit x ) x (power level of unit x ) = total power of unit x

and if applicable

((number of unit x ) x (power level of unit x )) + ((number of unit y ) x (power level of unit y )) = total power level of individual cave level

Here are my findings:

Day 1

1.   21        axe     =   1176             total = 1176
2.   42        axe    =   2352             total = 2352
3.   147      spr     =   4998
      89        axe     =   4984            total = 9982
4.   294      spr     =   9996
      500      swd   =   10000          total = 19,996
5.   124      lnc     =   31,992
      1600    swd   =   32,000         total = 63,992
6.   5797    swd   =   115,940
      3410    spr     =   115,940       total = 231,880
7.   20,975 swd   =   419,484
      2689    cav     =   419,484        total = 838,984
8.   7564    cav     =   1,179,984
      21,071 axe     =   1,1179,976    total = 2,359,960
9.   11,627 lnc      =   2,999,766
      19,230 cav     =   2,999,880     total = 5,999,646
10. 48,076 cav    =   7,499,856
      17,441 axr     =   7,499,630     total = 14,999,486

swd - swordsman
spr  - spearman
axe - axemen
arc - archers
cav - cavalry
lnc  - lancer
axr  - axerider

Friday, January 11, 2013

Misty Cave Math Rework

I had to restart on a new world because I was being farmed while I was on hiatus and all my troops were gone. Rather than trying to defend myself and waste time building up troops I decided it would be better to just start fresh since I wasted pearls on pretty much useless things. By the way save your pearls for high star gods. It'll be more worth your time that way.

Anyway while I was trying to farm the cave I realized that the math from the Mystic Cave Part 2: The Math was slightly off. When I was taught that math it hadn't accounted for the fact that you didn't have any upgrades to your soldiers. The math does start to work better at later games but early game is when you really feel tight on money. So I think you should multiply by 2.5 instead of 2 for the power of the needed attackers and that's what you should be using to attack so you don't lose any troops to be sure. At least during early game.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Obtaining Stronger Gods


It seems as though its possible to obtain higher star Gods from higher levels in mystic cave. These gods are exponentially better than single star gods and provide very large boosts to your army as well as economy. However you will need to be able to clear mystic cave level 7 for a 2 star god and level 9 for a 3 star. The only way to obtain a 4 star god is by using pearls. Because of this I recommend using your pearls on getting the 4 star god. You can always find the second deed in a chest and it seems you can obtain a second city with artifacts that you get from Misty Cave. More on this when I find out though.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Providing Coordinates

The game doesn't really provide an integrated way to see where you're getting farmed from but there is a way. After you get attacked check your battle report and tap on the revenge button. From there you'll be prompted to select how many troops you want to use. You can use however many you want, but if you just want to see the coordinates just send 1 swordsman. Your march queue will show where you are attacking to. That way you only lose one swordsman.

Taken from a comment I posted completely unchanged because I'm hella lazy.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Plundering Part 2: For Faith

Everytime you plunder a city you will receive resources, but you don't always get faith. The amount of faith you get is determined on the power level of the city you attack. The less the power level the less faith you get. If you are farming for faith you should be attacking cities with at least 30k power. You can attack cities with less but the amount of faith you receive really diminishes. It's really inefficient to farm a city that gives you 1 faith every attack when you can simply attack a city that will give you 10,000. When I farm for faith I try to go with cities over 200k power that aren't in alliances.

You only really need as much faith as you have for gods, but it's nice to try to get some for your alliance's Zues statue as well.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Upcoming posts!

First of all thanks Melcockles for commenting and having great questions to ask!

My next post is going to be on plundering for faith!

If anyone has anything they want to add to the blog or have any further questions just comment below!

Misty Cave Part 3: Attack Sequence

So I missed a huge part of how attacks are calculated and someone which someone has brought to my attention! I'll quote the question in this post so I can give a proper answer on how the attack sequence works. It's really confusing to watch the replay on attacks and sometimes end up with more questions than answers. Here's the question from a comment posted previously

"when you send mixed units, how do they actually fight? For example, if there is only axemen you're fighting, if you send all 3 infantry and archers, do they all participate, or just the most powerful one (i.e. the one in the front)? I've noticed only the one in front losses units, which makes me wonder if the others even participate. Alternitively, if you sent spearmen and swordsmen against axemen, but the spearmen were first, would you not even get the bonus from the swordsmen?"
Asked by Melcockles

The answer is no the other troops won't make a difference at all. Only the first troop you send will actually make an attack on the axemen.

When you send mixed units the first one to attack is your strongest troop, followed by the second, followed by the third and so on. The troops keep attacking until completely defeated.

Let's use the above question as the first example

The enemy troop has only axemen
You attack with spearmen first because they have the highest power, followed by swordsmen, axemen and archers.

Round 1 Your spearmen make the first strike, the enemy axemen take damage but survive
              Enemy Axemen retaliate and take out some spearmen
Round 2 Your spearmen strike again and finish off the remaining axemen

In this case because spearmen are weak against axemen you suffered losses.

Your other troops won't do anything. Attacking with them would be pointless unless all of your spearmen are also killed off. In which case Round 2 would be your swordsmen attacking instead of your spearmen, but you may have also had swordsmen losses as well. It would probably look something like this

Round 1 Your spearmen make the first strike, the enemy axemen take damage but survive
              Enemy Axemen retaliate and take out some spearmen and some swordsmen
Round 2 Your swordsmen strike and finish off the remaining axemen

But let's say your enemy has mixed troops, there will be additional rounds. For example:

The enemy's line up is swordsmen then axemen
Your line up is axemen then spearmen then swordsmen

Round 1 Axemen make the first strike and eliminates the swordsmen
              The round ends
Round 2 Your Axemen attack his axemen but doesn't kill the axemen
              His Axemen retaliate and take out some of your axemen. The round ends
Round 3 Your Axemen attack his axemen and eliminates the axemen
              The round ends

Battle ends in slight victory

Again your swordsmen didn't do anything. In fact the spearmen didn't do anything either. The reason is that your troops stay in battle until they die. They you end up losing a certain amount of troops. You can't lose more than half the troops though. Technically you're losing the battle but the troops are retreating in time to return home.

It's a little complicated but you can avoid all this if you attack with only archers. Which is what I would suggest.

Special thanks to Melcockles for this!

Plundering Part 1: For Resources

Plundering can sometimes seem like it's a complicated process when really it's quite simple. When you get a victory you get to take the resources from the city you plundered. But when you plunder you won't always get the resources you were hoping to get. Sometimes you get a little of each resource but every time you'll get at least a little gold. Why is that?

The reason for this is because of storage buildings and their protection limits. When you plunder a city you can't collect any amount of resource that is lower than the city's protection limit. Let's say you scout a city and you see that the city has 100,000 gold, 50,00 food, 50,000 wood and 50,000 stone. You decide on an attack because this is a nice haul and the city has a low power level but your troops come back with 100,000 gold and nothing else. What your scouts didn't report back is that the city has 100,000 protection on each resource. If you had sent more scouts you would have seen the resource report that looks something like this.

Gold 100,000                 Food 50,000(100,000)
Stone 50,000(100,000) Wood 50,000(100,000)

The numbers in the parenthesis is the protection limit on the said resource. if the city had 110,000 of each resource you would have only received 10,000 of each resource plundered.

Scouting is a helpful way to see if sending your troops out will actually be worth your time. Personally I tend to only really target other players that have 100k power minimum though.