Thursday, January 17, 2013

Misty Cave Part 4: Recommended Power

All power level's are rounded up to even numbers. You may still have some losses if you don't use the units strong against the particular level, not enough happiness, or forget to use a god. Try to get your upgrades to level 10 at least.

1.   2400
2.   4800
3.   20,000
4.   40,000
5.   120,000
6.   465,000
7.   1,700,000
8.   4,750,000
9.   12,000,000
10. 30,000,000

Remember that the cave changes its units every day. Be sure to take into account troops strengths and weaknesses when attacking Misty Cave. There's an explanation on it in Misty Cave Part 2: The Math


  1. Thanks for putting this together. i know I can beat a Level 4 Spears and Calvary with 40,000 Axes, but can I beat a Level 4 cave with 20,000 Swords and 20,000 Axes without losing a man. against Spears and Calvary?

  2. I would imagine you would lose some axemen if you do. I say use only axes.

  3. Actually, it lacks something. The units type is different depending of the day. Day one, it is mostly infantry, day 2 it is a perfect mix between infantry and cavalry.

    It changes everything. I used to attack with only archers. On day 1, I attack with the recommanded power. No Loss

    On day 2, I am lossing 10% of my army. The cavalry exploded me. I won but it's not profitable.

    Now, on Day 2, I am going with only axemen and I lose nothing.

    Keep in mind the rock paper scissors.

  4. Yeah this needs a disclaimer. The day by day was to show that each day there are different units in the cave every time there is a refresh. It's just that the power level remains around the same for each cave level. In one of the posts I made about Misty Cave there is an explanation on it but I'll make a note for it on this post also.

  5. I did some testing in cave 6 the last two days. The lowest amount of archers needed to take down the cave with 0 loses is just under 3100 (I was losing aprox 6 archers with around 3050). Keep in mind this was without any calvary. My elite markmenship is lvl 14 so some compensation might be needed for that. Hope this help fine turn the formula. Cheers!

  6. Ahh nice! This kind of puts things into a bigger perspective for me. I'll get back on that drawing board to do some more fine tuning. Thanks for this!

  7. Your welcome. I was thinking about this yesterday and realized that there is a problem with the formula. It took me 3100 archers to take down cave 6; or 291,400 power. This let me block both attacks. Using your Misty Cave part 4 calculations the total power in cave 6 was about 231,880. The problem I see with the formula is that my archers didn't block 231,880 power they blocked 2 atks of 115,940. (The difference being they only need to block 115,940 at one time). Counting lvl 14 elite marksmanship (14% boost) and a 30% boost againt infantry. The power jumps to 431,855 (rounded up). Im wondering if a good formula to shoot for with archers vs infantry is highest individual power * 3 / 94. Used on the above calculations that would give us 115,940 * 3 = 347,820 / 94 = 3700 Archers needed for this cave. Its 600 more then I used yes but it doesnt account for marksmanship and uses the nice round number of 3 for easy calculations. I love what your doing with this site and hope you keep up, Hope what I wrote wasnt overly confusing and helps you out. Cheers!

  8. how would all these calculations changed with mixed troops and new cave updates ?

  9. I'm including mixed troops and new cave updates in the calculations also. I'm afraid it's taking a long time though. In the meantime it seems as though that the best way to calculate is multiply by the total power of the cave level by 5 when you exclude upgrades. However this is REALLY early on and I haven't had enough time to really calculate really. But this is definitely the way to lose absolutely no troops. I'm trying right now to optimize everything.

  10. Archers Vs any infantry config (0 Elite marksmenship)

    If anyone can help test this. After cave level is the number of archers required for 0 loses against any infantry only config.

    Cave 1: 39
    Cave 2: 78
    Cave 3: 165
    Cave 4: 330
    Cave 5: 1056
    Cave 6: 3826
    Cave 7: 13,851
    Cave 8: 38,915
    Cave 9: 98,937
    Cave 10: 247,341

  11. It looks like those numbers are just slightly too high. Make sure that your happiness is at 9000 when you do these just to be consistent. I can;t give exact numbers right now but those look close.

  12. I'm a little confused on this "Happiness" thing.. why is it always going down? Is it just like an automatic thing kind of like, their way of making you supply your troops with food? Is there a trick to keep it maxed longer?

    1. Yeah it's just an automatic thing. You can't get around it. It drops at a fixed rate at all times.

  13. Your multiply by 5 estimate for mixed troops isn't effective.
    I sent 3000 archers against a lvl 4 cave to test it, cave had 64 cavalry and 178 axemen (combined power of about 20k). Archers had lvl 10 upgrade, but even ignoring that, base power would have been 280k. 57 archers died.

    Tried same battle with 3000 swordsmen, and same god, didn't lose any.

    I'd recommend, if you're going to fight a mixed cave, leave your archers at home. They're too ineffective against cavalry, even in large numbers.

    1. I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not but you're right. Archers are out of the question unless it's attacking only infantry.

    2. Yeah. I'm actually disappointed that archers are as weak as they are..

      I'm curious.. if you were to just simply mass a single unit, what would you recommend? swordsmen?

    3. if you want to be the cave master, you amass different types of units. But if you do this, it distributes your army's strength. And when it comes to battling against other clans or cities, this would be ineffective...

  14. When do the caves change. Whats the rotation time for lvl 9-10 to be infantry.
    Im seeing people on my server doing lvl 10 infantry only caves with 125k archers no loss.
    But 4 weeks now I check lvl 10 cave everyday and it has never been all infantry. So when / how often will my lvl 10 or 9 cave become infantry only inside?

  15. The only time you use archers is if there are only infantry in the cave. If there are cavalry just ignore them and look at the other infantry unit and use the next one up. eg:if there are swords attack with spear,spear then axe, axe then sword. If there are two cavalry attack with sword.

    Unfortunately this means you have to build your army up with equal forces of each unit but on the plus side you only lose men when the cavalry get a 'critical' hit. You can minimize this with choosing the right god like one that has 'holy block' or 'frightened' that put them to sleep for a round.

    Hope this helps. Happy hunting

  16. 4 times in one week my friends lvl 10 cave is infantry only. He has made billions res farming them. But after 8 weeks playing I still have not seen an infantry only lvl 9 or 10 cave. I feel ripped off because I have archers waiting a long time to do it but some people get the infantry formation often I never get it and I can not keep up power with them its impossible to follow.
    Why do the caves formation set up not roster equally for everyone its creating massive imbalance for archer builds that dont get infantry set ups.

  17. i'm done with normal and fearsome caves and normal and fearsome conquests on themis =)


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