Providing Coordinates


So turns out you don't need to send the army. Check out the final page before you send your army after hitting revenge. Thanks to Anon and Fuq This for this


  1. You don't have to complete the attack.. the final page just before your send your troops shows the cooridnates you are attacking

  2. Yup you DON'T HAVE to send the army, final page is the answer

  3. Can you please help me, when entering the coordinates where lives my friend, it does not show the place where he is and the same happens when he search for me? Is there enyother way how to find where is he?

    1. Are you in the same server?

  4. I have had that problem with my own I have several different servers and when I, search for my other places they don't show anybody even in the spot. I also notice it says you can play peticular different things ie phone, tablet etc. Well it has same email and password and it isn't the same one you were trying to play on another type of.

  5. soneone needs to regularly post the cords of all players in owachu on here regularly updated


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