Friday, December 28, 2012

Update Version 1.0.2(5640)

Spartan wars was just updated today.

Major change is that there is going to be a 3rd city soon so the interface was slightly changed when accessing the city button. You can now scroll to the right to scroll through your cities. This means that if you are on your second city you will need to scroll to the RIGHT in order to access your main city. I thought this probably wasn't the best option but I guess they're going for uniformity on this.

Also on the city button are the teleport options.
Tactical teleport allows you to choose where you will teleport to.
Tactical retreat allows you to teleport anywhere randomly.

It seems that players with alternate accounts are now able to move all their bases in the same place and dominate a certain area. I'm hoping this doesn't disrupt the balance of the game. I can see how it's going to affect new players and those who don't have alternate accounts. If you're thinking of making an alt account soon would be very helpful to you.

Another thing to note - When you're on the 'Slaves' Menu for any resource building you can now see the raw amount of resources you will be earning from the amount of slaves in the building. This number doesn't reflect any bonuses that you have. If you want to see the total amount of resources you will have to tap on the actual resource bar. Yeah it doesn't look tappable. It is. I didn't know either.


  1. Nice blog! Helpful stuff here for a newbie like me. The tutorial doesn't give details, and if you're like me I hate typing on the ipad, so I don't ask many questions in-game. Also, there don't seem to be any other sites giving good advice!

    Might be worth doing another plunder/mystic cave post. When you send mixed units, how do they actually fight? For example, if there is only axemen you're fighting, if you send all 3 infantry and archers, do they all participate, or just the most powerful one (i.e. the one in front)? I've noticed only the one in front losses units, which makes me wonder if the others even participate. Alternatively, if you sent spearmen and swordsmen against axemen, but the spearmen were first, would you not even get the bonus from the swordsmen?

    A post on getting faith would also be good. It seems as though sending a very large force against a small (but non-zero force) doesn't always get you faith (but I could be wrong). I haven't been able to figure out what does and does not give you faith.

    It also appears that the resources you get from attacking is somewhat dependent on how many units you sent, like each unit can only carry back a certain amount. If you have numbers, please share!

  2. I've posted something up on your question! I'll be making posts on how to get more faith and how you earn resources on plundering sometimes soon!

  3. Players with alts accounts exploit the games events and compensations.
    Example Our server everyone was sent 1.8m each res as compensation because "some" lost res or units. Now there is people on my server with 30+ accounts they got 1.8m compensation to each alt which they send all to their main account. This is abuse.
    Also example. The server has event where each player recieves pearls for log in. 200 pearls each person. But again the guys with 30+ alts get 6000 pearls! Which they cash in for res and send to main..this is wrong and unfair.
    Some of us spend money on game and have just one account. And now we can't even compete on the game even though we spent 10x more than the guys with free alts! Its a disgraceful unacceptable problem that tap4fun seems to care nothing about fixing.

  4. How do you make an alt account on the same server without a second device? I don't want 30 accounts. Just 2 so I have a chance to survive. More than 2 would be too much to manage, I think.


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